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If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard “Man, we need to get around to turning the front page of Dumpshock into a blog”, I’d have quite a few nickels.

This is kind of temporary; eventually we want to build something with more features and more visual appeal, but I’m sure we all think this is preferable to a white page with some links. Those links, BTW, are over on your right, to all the Dumpshock sites that are currently up, and to the Dumpshock Matrix sites.

In the future we’ll be posting to the front page more often; about site updates, Shadowrun news from FanPro, WizKids, and other sources as relevant, and “Shadowrun in the real world” posts.

Right now, this is still very much “beta”, but we’re working on it…

9 Responses to “New Front Page”

  1. SparqMan Says:

    Awesome to see Dumpshock blog-ified.

  2. Valos Says:

    It looks great, I have awaited the long gone dumpshock! welcome back ppl.

  3. /dev/null Says:

    Yessss, a great move guys !
    Keep up the good work.

    Any new C.L.U.E file in sight ? Each time I read a new one I usually consider RPGing agin 😉

  4. Valos Says:

    @ /dev/null

    Everytime I read one, I see myself 😉

  5. Spookymonster Says:

    Get an anti-spam plugin for WordPress ASAP. I used to get comment-spammed, but haven’t had any problems since installing Spam Stopgap Extreme.

    Comment spamming is the use of unsecured comment pages (like this one) to create hundreds of dummy comments linking back to a website. This fools Google into raising its ranking for the spammer’s website. These dummy comments are typically generated by scripted ‘bots. A good anti-spam plugin makes it hard (if not impossible) for these ‘bots to function. Since installing Stopgap, I haven’t had a single spam comment post to my site.

    Best of luck with WordPress! If you have any questions, please feel free to look me up ;).

  6. Adam Says:

    We’ll certainly be adding some robust anti-spamming stuff — now that WordPress 1.5 final is out, we’ll be upgrading to that and then tinkering with plugins and the style sheet and whatnot.

  7. MATT Says:

    Poles like that. 🙂
    Privately, I prefere old one (this IMO is too bright).
    But is good that something shacking in DS 🙂

  8. Drain Brain Says:

    Splendid! DS back online and in a shiny new format! Ultra cool, guys…

    Question is, though, where do you go from here? I’m seeing expansion, databases, community stuff, the Shadowrun Archive linked in and ultimately, of course, WORLD DOMINATION!

  9. Kris Says:

    If I can place a weighted request, it’s re-post the CLUE file archives PLEASE!! I do so miss the stupidity, and it’s difficult to train new Shadowrunners via the humorous.. I mean… tragic… deaths of their comrades at the shallower end of the gene pool.
    I mean, who could forget classic lines like:
    “I wave at the attack chopper”
    “Flames shoot out from behind the rockets hanging on the wing pylons”
    “I give it a thumbs’ up sign!”

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