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This doesn’t have much to do with Shadowrun, but it does have to do with a nicely favourable review of cyberpunk RPG Ex Machina from Guardians of Order, who were my employers from 2002 until late 2004. I didn’t have much to do with Ex Machina — some light editing and suggestions — but regular Shadowrun contributor Michelle Lyons wrote Daedalus, one of the four original cyberpunk settings in Ex Machina.

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  1. Nick Bronson Says:

    Still, looks pretty good. Just out of interest, you seem to be keeping up with the latest Shadowrun developments, what do you think of the news that deckers and riggers will be combined – and there will be no my cyberdecks? This first is quite understandable but the second is a strong departure from the traditional literature, are we to understand that deckers (renamed hackers) will jack in with their mind alone? And if so, does this mean the end of the otaku? (What makes them different if no-one uses cyberdecks?)

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