The Santos Conflict, A Primer

For those who haven’t seen it, the guys over at Microsoft Game Studios have posted the first part of their ‘Shadowrun History’.

And if you’ve been on your favorite metaplane for the last year and didn’t even know that there was a Shadowrun XBox game in the works, you can check out videos, screenshots, Microsoft’s version of the timeline and more at

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  1. thomas Says:


    for me it is bad that ms worked out a shooter and not a rpg. so it is only one of many shooters.
    the special possibilities for a rpg which you can only find in shadowrun will be not used. this is bad!
    on the other hand it is a pitty to give the rights to ms ( renraku, saeder-krupp,…) and not to a team, with good experiance and a lot of “inner” fire for such a project.
    shadowrun as rpg on pc and maybe also as an rpg online game could have been such an fantastic success as the movies of “herr der ringe”, or the online presence of warcraft.
    it’s sad that this chance is lost5.


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