RFID tags in humans

Ok, I’ll admit that I must be a little behind the curve because my dog has one of these, but I had no idea that they were putting them in humans now.

The VeriChip is an RFID tag that can hold (as you would imagine) identity, medical and insurance information, along with any other information you want. The tags could even be used by a security team to allow/deny access to a building or rooms within a building according to the RFID signal (just like many keycards in use today).

I learned about this technology through this article, which explains that the first teen to be implanted with one died in a motorcycle accident Saturday.

This is one of the original news articles about Derek and his family, who were all implanted with the VeriChip in 2002.

As with the RFID-enabled passports announced by the US government earlier this year, I am skeptical as to how secure these are as a means to carry your personal information.

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