Earthdawn Fans May Enjoy This One

Nine buildings have been excavated at Stonehenge!

Nine Neolithic-era buildings have been excavated in the Stonehenge world heritage site, according to a report in the journal British Archaeology.
The buildings all had plaster floors and timber frames, and most had a central hearth. Two, including a house possibly inhabited by a community chief or priest, were enclosed by ringed ditches, the largest measuring 131 feet across. Postholes indicate a wooden fence would have surrounded the smaller of the two structures.

I personally find it interesting that two of the buildings were ringed by a ditch…Stonehenge is also ringed by a ditch…I wonder if that was a form of protection from spirits and such in their day/region – a hermetic circle of sorts?

The Article: Ancient Stonehenge Houses Unearthed

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  1. Brent Says:

    You are the right track, it was common for the ‘awakended’ of the tribe to circle there dweling for protection and I’m sure they will find chalk in the ditch.

  2. Mark Says:

    That buildings of that period are often ringed by ditches is nothing new. The explanations by archeaologists are also quite simple: drainage and demarkation of property. There is almost always ‘chalk’ in the ditches. The ditches are cut in chalkstone and the residue is all around the site and also in the fill of the ditches.

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