Just an FYI that I updated the software that powers dumpshock.com today, and in the process blasted away some 13,000 spam comments that had been collecting for far too long [and installed some new spam blocking software.] It’s always possible that you posted a comment that was part of that blasted-away pile of bits, and if you did, I apologize, but there was no way I was dealing with those 13,000 comments manually, and the spam-blocking software was choking on that many backed-up comments.

25 Responses to “Update”

  1. Nekekami Says:

    aah, good to have you back . . i’ve been going through serious withdrawl here

  2. Ratoslov Says:

    When’s the IRC gonna be up?

  3. Nekekami Says:

    uhm, i don’t know if you realized this yet, but NSRCG Page and http://ancientfiles.dumpshock.com/spoorn/ are not working O.o

  4. Meg Says:

    um, silly question – why can’t i get to most of the subsites through the links on the right?

  5. Adam Says:

    A bunch of the smaller sites are still down; our ISP recently moved everything to a new facility, and Mark is having to consolidate stuff onto a different server — in between his day job and family, so stuff is getting moved over piece by piece.

  6. CanRay Says:

    Well, hopefully it gets back up soon.

    I just found out about Brumby the Troll Philosopher, and I wish to read his words of wisdom. 😀

    Big thanks for all the hard work that goes into this!

  7. Lars Wagner Hansen Says:

    So when are the e-mail lists (e.g. Shadowrn) going to be running again?

  8. BloodOmen Says:

    Well, I hope he makes NSRCG the next priority. my old computer is deader than Dunkelzhan, and I really need to make a new character for a run… and I’m too lazy to use the books!

  9. Reaganstorme Says:

    Glad you’re back. Also just wondering when the next set of updates to tss will happen?

  10. SeriousPaul Says:

    Please allow me to add my vote for getting the NSRCG back online. It’s perhaps the most functional and relevant part of all the Dumpshock sites.

  11. Mark Tassin Says:

    I have to agree… I was terrified to find out that I couldn’t hit the NSRCG site.

    Also curious if NSRCG will support 4th ed one of these days… Preferably in a way that it can still support 3rd ed as well.

  12. Nekekami Says:

    i’m afraid mc won’t be doing a 4th ed NSRCG, but of course, i am still hoping he will ^^

  13. Brad Says:

    Just wondering if there is any news on the NSRCG? ie. is it still coming back or not?

  14. Banaticus Says:

    It’s been a month and a half — do you need help finding new server space? Do you need help putting together some tools to automate the process of moving files?

  15. Zyphus Says:

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to
    connect successfully to the destination mail server.


  16. SeriousPaul Says:

    I could care less about anything fourth edition, but if we need web hosting space for the NSRCG let me know, I can arrange for that. Same for Raygun’s stuff. The rest is drivel, and meaningless.

  17. Nekekami Says:

    now, be not so quick to judge . . Uncle Ancients Ancient Files are one of the best sources for information . .
    but yeah, NSRCG needs to go up again as i can’t seem to find another source for the latest version and seem to have lost my install-archive ;_;

  18. Matt Says:

    Yeah—I’m finally about to start playing again and I really could use that NSRCG proggie if anyone has the files with which to install it. I don’t mind having to make it from the books but that program was one of a kind. no one else appears to host the most recent version of the software (can’t be 100% but I’ve spent about 3 hours googling among other methods of research). If anyone has the installer files please post back.

  19. Royal Viking Says:

    Oh please let us have the NSRCG back online, I am starting a new group adventuring in Scandinavia, and they need a GOOD character generator, namely this one! 😀

  20. Nekekami Says:

    i don’t like it any more than you probably will, but NSRCG can be found in eMule . . and when i find a good free webspace i will gladly upload it and announce it here

  21. Nekekami Says:

    ha, finally found it . . i need to organize my HDD’s x.x
    had to split the archive due to upload limitations, but it should be a working last version of NSRCG . . get the 4 parts and do with winrar ^^

  22. Slammer Says:

    Still no word on when most of the mini-sites will be coming up? Can we get some kind of news on the status of this please?

  23. Nekekami Says:

    should be last version and a pretty reliable space

  24. Nekekami Says:

    i forgot about rapidshare x.x

  25. Sapphireknight Says:

    Thanks for Nsrcg link Nekekami, I was looking high and low for it

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