What do your cybereyes look like?

Good description can keep even the most trivial bits of your Shadowrun game fresh and interesting. Take cybereyes for example. Sure, tons of people have them. There are even a few different brands and models sprinkled through the books. Some wiz girls and guys sport eye covers, a lot don’t. But what do your character’s cybereyes look like? Are they run-of-the-mill brown, or a little bit more exciting? Were they custom made? Did your character get that style for a reason? Maybe its not the character’s actual eyes that sport the look, but their custom vision-mod enhanced contact lenses?

Maybe you just need a bit of inspiration to get you going? Then check these out.

3 Responses to “What do your cybereyes look like?”

  1. mattness Says:

    Great link. Thanks!
    I’m waiting for second one – for chrome cybereyes users 😉

  2. BookWyrm Says:

    I’ve seen these lenses, they’re great. Especially the circuit pattern ones. But what, no crosshairs?

  3. Fortune Says:

    Excellent. Much obliged. 🙂

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