Eclipse Phase PDF & Hardcopy Pre-Order is now available!

Eclipse Phase isn’t technically Shadowrun, but it’s produced by Posthuman Studios, which is headed up by long time Shadowrun Developer Rob Boyle and Shadowrun writer Brian Cross.  It’s a fantastic game, and I strongly urge you all to check it out!

— Bull

The Eclipse Phase core book PDF is now available! You may also pre-order the hardcopy book or get a bundle hardcopy + PDF deal from Catalyst through their BattleShop.

Note that we’re making the PDF available for the low price of only $15 ($10 if you take the bundle deal with the hardcopy). This is substantially lower than standard industry PDF pricing for an equivalent book. If anyone’s wondering, this is part of the reason we took a bit longer to get the PDF out, as Posthuman Studios and Catalyst Game Labs negotiated on a PDF price point that would get this game in as many hands as possible while still meeting Catalyst’s business needs. As Cory Doctorow has noted, the biggest danger to new authors (or in this case, a new game) is obscurity. This is part of the reason we pursued the Creative Commons license, allowing our fans to share the game with their friends. The RPG publishing industry is a business with low profit margins, however, and PDF sales are often viewed as supplemental and necessary income that can mean the difference in a company’s well-being or even survival. We’re taking a risk here, and we’re hoping the gaming community will reciprocate and show us some love back. So if you receive this PDF from a friend who shared it in accordance with the Creative Commons license, and you like it, please support the cause by buying the PDF and/or bundle. To some degree, this is an experiment, and we hope to make it work. If it does, it may very well affect how Catalyst and other game companies go about biz in the future. So to be blunt, we need your support!

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