First Episode of Shadowcast Posted!

The first episode of Shadowcast — a new Shadowrun podcast — has been posted. It was recorded on June 12th, so some of the material is a little dated, but future installments should be more timely.

Live and direct from the Dumpshock forums… it’s Shadowcast, the Shadowrun podcast! Hosted by forum regulars Spookymonster and Kagetenshi (a.k.a., Marc Santiago and Jonathan Woodworth), Shadowcast discusses the latest news and events in and around the Shadowrun universe. In this, their premiere episode, the discussion covers the pros and cons of softcopy (PDF) manuals.

Got questions you’d like us to answer? Maybe a suggestion or two for the boys? Feel free to drop by the Podcast Thread and let us know!

2 Responses to “First Episode of Shadowcast Posted!”

  1. Serious Paul Says:

    Excellent. First and foremost I enjoyed actually knowing who some of the people are voicing this, and having some info never hurts!!!

    I am happy! (Like that matters right?)

  2. Walks-in-Shadows Says:

    I have to agree with Serious Paul, truly exceptional work. I look forward to the next broadcast. BRAVO!

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