“Lost” Earthdawn Novels Revived By Small Press

“Readers looking for warm-and-fuzzy fantasy need not apply — but those who crave dark, dangerous, powerful fiction had better strap in, bite down, and read Scars.”
— Bradley Denton, World Fantasy Award-winning author

Over ten years after its original scheduled publication, Scars — the first novel in Caroline Spector’s “Immortals” trilogy which bridges the popular Earthdawn and Shadowrun roleplaying game worlds — is finally coming into print in a beautiful trade paperback edition by Per Aspera Press. The third book in the trilogy, Worlds Without End, was published as part of the Shadowrun series in 1995, but the first two novels were “lost” when publisher Penguin Roc was forced to cancel the Earthdawn novel line.

In 2003, Per Aspera Press debuted the first of the “Lost Novels of Earthdawn”: Liferock by Jak Koke. Based in Seattle Washington, Per Aspera is an award-winning independent publisher of science fiction and fantasy.
The Earthdawn universe is a traditional high-fantasy world populated by powerful magical adepts and visited by Horrors — wicked creatures which live off the pain of others. Spector’s Scars introduces Aina, a five hundred-year-old elf who is haunted both by the choices of her past and a sadistic Horror which trails her every step. Ruthless and desperate, Aina will use anything — and anyone — to escape her ancient pact with the Horror and his terrible gift.

This first English-language edition of Scars (Trade Paperback, $16.95, ISBN 0974573426) includes a map of Barsaive, an introduction by past FASA president Sam Lewis, and interior illustrations. It is available at www.lostearthdawn.com and by order from bookstores and online retailers.

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  1. Tom Says:


  2. Justin Corwin Says:

    Is there anywhere a listing of all the books in the Earthdawn/Shadowrun timeline?

  3. Adam Says:

    FanPro’s [slightly out of date and thus not so…] complete Shadowrun product list includes all the Shadowrun novels published to this point.

    I did a bit of quick googling and couldn’t find an exhaustive list of ED novels in any one place.

  4. mattness Says:

    I let myself gather all Shadowrun sourcebooks in one file.
    [url]http://www.shadowrun.pro24.pl/srpl/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=112&func=fileinfo&parent=category&filecatid=32[/url] (click on “pobierz”).

    Reviews are in polish, but all s-books names are left in English.
    That’s first version, got some bugs (“complete shadowrun product list” mentioned by Adam has wrong ID numbers… 🙁 ).

    I did that for polish fans, but maybe dumpshockers will find this useful 🙂

  5. Serious Paul Says:

    Is there a way to get an unsigned copy? I don’t think her signature is worth the extra ten bucks, but I want the book.

  6. Jak Says:

    Signed copies are the same price as unsigned ones. Amazon is selling them at a slight discount if you’d rather order from them.

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