The Chemsniffer’s Grandad Cometh

Think that gun you had whipped up that’s made of ceramic and plastic is going to get you through the front doors at SeaTac? Your GM probably has other things in mind. Like a chemsniffer cranked up to the point that it detects the perfume of that joytoy from last night that you thought you had washed off. But it wasn’t always so easy to smell the rounds in your holdout, why…

In my day, a chemsniffer was the size of a microwave!

(The authors of the article use a lot of Star Trek references, but that’s only because they haven’t played enough Shadowrun.)

Science Daily Purdue University researchers have created a handheld sensing system its creators liken to Star Trek’s “tricorder” used to analyze the chemical components of alien worlds. But the system could have down-to-earth applications, such as testing foods for dangerous bacterial contaminants including salmonella, which was recently found in a popular brand of peanut butter.

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